Renewed and Improved

Austin City Lutherans’ new childcare effort – Mariposa Family Learning Center – will be housed in a building that previously hosted a childcare effort. The building, located at 403 Vargas Road in the Montopolis neighborhood of SE Austin, was in need of a sizable dose of tender loving care. Thanks to ACL lead handymen Mel Sanders and Milt Nielsen (members of Abiding Love and Shepherd of the Hills, respectively) the building is significantly “renewed and improved” and much better situated to open its doors to preschoolers and their parents for Mariposa FLC’s proposed start date of January 7, 2020.

Scorching sun beat down upon seven volunteers on Thursday morning, August 1st – the initial workday at Mariposa. By the afternoon, the temp would easily eclipse 100* – again – in Austin. Not to be deterred, seven workers sweated out the first ACL workday at Mariposa and vowed to return the next day! Almost every Thursday and Friday since, volunteer workers at Mariposa have significantly renewed and improved the building and its environs: a new wheelchair ramp, an enlarged bathroom, new doors and landings, a new gutter above the outside landing, replacement siding and paneling (where termites had done damage), patched-up outside skirting, new interior paint on the entire inside, refinished cabinets, a new air conditioner, and new ceiling tiles and painting.

If you saw the building before these renovations, you will be amazed to see the transformation. My own reaction – and I was out there to see most of it happen in real time – is encompassed by the following word, exclaimed with wide eyes and a gaping mouth above a dropped jaw: “WOW.”

Mel Sanders and Milt Nielsen have done a great job, but they haven’t worked alone. They’ve received able support from fellow ACL church members.

From Abiding Love: Kurt Lowe, Garth Hillman, Pat Dove, Andrea & Terry Wyatt, Bob von Bieberstein, and Billye & Bob Trostel.

From Shepherd of the Hills: Jane Tackett, Weldon & Mary Allison, Bob & Judy Haugen, Jeri Porter, Patty Rowley, Sandy Nielsen, and Ron Bacon.

From Triumphant Love: Jan Richards.

This first phase of structural renovation is almost completed, but there’s much more to do. Beginning in October, we’ll focus on setting up the two classrooms for children. We will now sort through the furniture and supplies (still in the building) from the previous childcare effort and prepare for the state licensing process in order to make Mariposa FLC ready to receive upwards of 25-30 children in January.

Workdays will continue most Thursdays and Fridays through October and November. Contact me, Mel or Milt if you’d like to come out and help in the effort. If you are willing to organize, clean, or help with set-up – we will give God thanks for your particular skill set and put you to work!






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