2-Gen Education

Austin City Lutherans will offer “2-Generation” education through its Mariposa Family Learning Center, slated to open the first week of January 2020. The moniker “2-Gen” refers to 1) the expected care and education for toddlers enrolled in its childcare facility; and, 2) the access for their parents to opportunities for educational, health (physical, emotional, and spiritual), and/or economic improvements.

ACL works under the conviction that a 2-Gen approach is the best way to break the poverty cycle that afflicts numerous families in today’s America. Motivated by the spirit of Matthew 25:31-46 (Jesus’s parable of the sheep and goats), ACL’s work with families will be one of accompaniment – face to face, and side by side.

Recently the Austin American-Statesman published an article (linked below) on an organization – Todos Juntos Learning Center – that carries out excellent 2-Gen work in Austin. We trust that Mariposa FLC will be doing similar superior 2-Gen work in the coming months and years, with God’s guidance and through the cooperation of its members and partners.

Read here about Todos Juntos’ 2-Gen work in Austin to see how a 2-Gen approach works for an organization similar to ACL.

Todos Juntos Executive Director Christina Collazo (left) addressing pre-schoolers at their graduation ceremony in May 2019

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