Thank You, Women of Abiding Love!


Abiding Love Lutheran Church is one of Bread For All’s sponsoring congregations – not only in word, but in deed! A big thank you to its women’s group for sending a portion of fundraiser proceeds to Bread For All to feed folks who need a helping hand.

These funds will purchase food for distribution from the Central Texas Food Bank. Bread For All always welcomes in-kind donations from food drives, but our purchasing ability through the food bank is unsurpassed. Because of the food bank’s networking reach, it is able to supply a significantly greater amount of food per purchasing dollar – fifteen to twenty times more – compared to an individual stocking up at HEB or Randall’s for a food drive.

Bread For All also has operational costs for storage space (fridges and freezers) and security – a uniformed Austin police officer is on staff every Monday night at Bread For All. Most of all, Bread For All operates on volunteer power. Thanks to all those who lend a helping hand with donations, set-up and take-down, food pick-up and distribution, and computer registrations. Because of our work together, people dealing with food scarcity have a safe and reliable place in which to find good food.


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